Vivanti is dedicated to supporting our clients and evolving right along with them. It’s this spirit of continual innovation that pushes us to explore new approaches and stay ahead of trends in technology and the industry as a whole. However, we know that our clients need more than tactics and cutting edge marketing. We know that our clients need a total strategy for how to market to their ideal customers and also how to build a business with sustainable growth. That’s why we’ve also built a powerful creative and design team to support your overall content needs and brand.

Since Vivanti’s founding, we’ve committed to listening closely to client needs. As a result, we’ve created a threefold offering to help our clients achieve optimal results in their businesses. Our professional, multidisciplinary team focuses on three areas to move you closer to your goals: multichannel marketing, creative solutions, and educational programs. Each area has grown organically out of real client needs and stand as pillars that support the Vivanti mission of growing your business today and preparing it to reach new heights tomorrow.

Multichannel Мarketing

  • Remote Detailing Solutions
  • iPad and Tablet PC Detailing
  • Multichannel Campaign Analytics
  • CRM and CLM Project Management
  • Multichannel Campaign Management

Creative Solutions

  • Inspirational Website Design
  • Multichannel Content Design
  • Interactive HTML5 Presentations
  • Video and Multimedia Production
  • Virtual Reality Content Production

Educational Programs

  • Online Education for Doctors
  • Internet Programs for Patients
  • Online Training for Pharmacists
  • Management Training Programs
  • Executive Development Programs

by Industry Leaders

Vivanti has forged strong relationships with the world’s greatest companies because we offer them the insights, advice and tools to achieve optimal results in their consumer marketing initiatives. Simply put, we leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to help you reach your goals.

Plus, our expertise isn’t limited to just a couple of industries. Vivanti’s team hails from a diverse range of backgrounds, including strategic consulting, information technology, digital marketing, creative design, insurance, financial services, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies.

The Healthcare Industry
is Our Specialty

Vivanti is proud to partner with nearly a dozen premier international healthcare companies. We understand how healthcare professionals, pharmacists and patients consume information to reach better health outcomes. In fact, we’re the experts. Vivanti has more than 70 team members with expertise and experience in the industry.

From pharmaceutical sales to brand management, patient-facing content to medical publishing, we know healthcare. We use that knowledge and scientific precision in our everyday work to help Vivanti clients discover and utilize the best tools and solutions to reach and forge bonds with their target audiences.

Our mission is to exceed client expectations. We combine our unique ability to laser-target an audience with our expertise in developing innovative, engaging content to help our clients grow their businesses faster than ever before.

Solutions for High Impact Sales
and Successful Marketing

We offer a broad range of services and powerful technology solutions required to meet the demands of modern multi-channel marketing efforts in areas like healthcare, retail, fast-moving consumer goods, insurance and banking.

Vivanti designs systems that help clients integrate the most effective approaches of traditional marketing with the high impact techniques of modern multi-channel marketing. This combination means that our clients can not only deliver a thoughtful, relevant message, but that this content will reach their ideal target audiences.

Our clients rely on our experience and ability to analyze and refine marketing efforts in real time to ensure that they are always achieving peak results.

Cutting Edge Products
and Solutions

Our clients use words like “revolutionary” and “innovative” to describe our products and solutions. At Vivanti, we are always experimenting and evolving to find new and better ways to help our customers grow.

We deliver cutting edge, modern solutions to ensure that our clients have the very best in customer-focused marketing initiatives to help them achieve the results they need to succeed in a competitive market.

Complete End-to-End
Implementation and Adoption

We know that implementing broad scale multi-channel marketing and advanced solutions like CRM, CLM and e-Detailing across an organization can be daunting for our clients. Even with a very smooth implementation, an organization may still face challenges due to slow adoption of the new systems.

That’s why Vivanti has created a proven two-pronged approach to implementation that ensures not only a smooth transition to these new systems, but also helps support rapid adoption within the organization.

To reduce the complexity and challenges associated with the process, we deploy a team of highly experience and knowledgeable professionals to support your organization through all stages of the process, from planning and implementation to training and adoption of your new multi-channel marketing and advanced solutions.


Key figures and indicators

Success stories

About Us

Vivanti was founded in 2012. Initially, our work focused on the development of closed loop marketing and e-Detailing platforms for pharmaceutical companies. After successful implementation, the company began creating advanced CRM, CLM and e-Detailing systems. The first in-house development introduced by Vivanti was Call-n-Go.

To advance the technology, the company’s focus shifted toward the development and advancement of web call services, now known as Remote Detailing Solutions. Both Call-n-Go and Remote Detailing Solutions are now being used successfully by a number of our clients. Most recently, Vivanti carved out a new path on the course to successful multi-channel marketing by developing revolutionary new educational systems.

Vivanti Strategy

You can trust that Vivanti’s three-step strategy achieves the best results for every client, customer and stakeholder. First, we deliver the best available in multi-channel marketing and communication solutions on the market today. Plus, our clients count on our creative design team to produce flawless content that effortlessly converts and supports their brand.

As the second step, Vivanti offers educational content for HCPs that include online CME programs for doctors, online tests and many other tools available at a client’s disposal. Our experienced in-house creative team means that you’ll never have to look elsewhere for highly targeted, well-developed content. The final leg of our winning strategy is our management development programs in business simulations that ensure high quality services and proven results.

Vivanti Team

Our dynamic and talented team consists of more than 70 professionals worldwide with varying backgrounds ranging from pharmaceutical sales and brand management to medical publishing. Vivanti is proud to have built one of the most capable, creative, and multidisciplinary teams in the industry.

Members of our team represent the company in more than a dozen offices throughout the EU, Russia, and CIS countries. In early 2017, Vivanti has established a new affiliate in the United States, expanding our reach and allowing us to support our clients all over the world.

Our Resources

Vivanti offers our clients access to countless resources acquired over many years working in the industry. Commercial and development teams, designers, internet marketers and IT specialists are only a few examples of the assets that Vivanti makes available to clients, customers and stakeholders.

Our development programs offer collaborations with top-ranked senior international trainers and consultants, ensuring the best in quality services when it comes to business consulting in the healthcare sector and various other sectors within the industry.

Vivanti Innovations

At Vivanti, we are dedicated to principles of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. This means we regularly develop new strategies and leading edge technologies to help support your growth and continued success. This is our mission.

Groundbreaking solutions for sales forces and marketing teams are part and parcel of the advanced services Vivanti is known for. To support these strategies, we’ve created several ways for our clients to engage in distance learning for continuing medical education. Most notably are our virtual reality training programs, which are based on the most modern technologies for effective learning. Vivanti is proud to be a trailblazer in this new approach to continuing education of healthcare professionals, pharmacists and patients.

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